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Can Alternative Medicine Cure Disease?

In most cases that are not congenital or antibody-related, yes. What does alternative medicine consist of? Food, liquids, vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements. And how does one achieve wellness? Wellness is, to me, complete and optimum health in body, mind, and spirit.

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We will focus mostly on the body herein, as the mind is beyond my expertise and the spirit is better left to the individual to explore. Here we'll cover the best diets and the worst, the minimum and maximum supplements and how to decide what is best for yourself, exercise, and how to apply this knowledge to the correction and avoidance of disease.

Be apprised that the term "diet" does not automatically mean weight loss. A diet is merely a pattern of consumption organized to achieve a specific goal, whether it be weight loss, weight gain, or an adjustment to health.

Likewise, exercise doesn't always mean push-ups, sit-ups, jogging, or body-building. For those who are mobility challenged, like myself, it can mean as little as tensing and relaxing muscles and muscle groups while reclining in your wheelchair or a comfortable chair or even in bed.

And if you have a congential or antibody-related condition? Yes, alternative medicine can help diminish pain and suffering, and can at least bring you to the healthist state for your circumstances.

I've used alternative medicine approaches for more than 30 years, from the patient point-of-view, including dietary successes and failures. I am not a medical doctor and have no formal medical training. My library of alternative medicine and diet books is currently in excess of 200 volumes, and still growing. I urge you to follow up on my recommendations through the references and products I promote, and the cheatsheets I will be offering here. More extensive information on diets is being formulated and will be displayed on my mobile-ready website,

The conditions mentioned on this website are those that I have researched, either because I have them, or someone I know does, or just because I feel they have not received sufficient exposure.for instance, I don't have Scleroderma, and don't personally know anyone that does. Nevertheless, it appalls me that there are as many victims of Scleroderma as there are of Multiple Sclerosis, yet MS receives 10 times the funding for research into treatment and cures that Scleroderma does.

Scleroderma seems incurable, because of its antibody-based circumstances. That doesn't mean one cannot improve their quality of life, by addressing the real causes of this disease. What are they? Find that out on my Scleroderma page, coming soon. And even if you don't have this horrific disease, or know someone who does, please consider making a donation to help research.

So, sit back, relax, have a cuppa, and read. Together, let's explore the myths and facts about alternative medicine, wellness, and everything in between. I am pretty confident, you will not be disappointed.


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