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Who Am I?

My name is Grace. I'm blond, green eyed, over 50 years old and happily married for the second time around. I have a son now thirty-one and two house bound hounds.

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I first got interested in alternative medicine back in my twenties, when my visits to doctors repeatedly resulted in prescriptions written each time they made a diagnoses.

I had observed firsthand the effects of continual prescription usage in my parents and vowed I would never become a walking pharmacy. I was certain that I should be able to manage my conditions through diet and supplements, without all those nasty side effects and exorbitant fees.

It made a difference that, until I gained employment with the State of California in 1990, I had no medical insurance other than Medi-Cal and so could not pay full price on any prescription medication. I really had no other options. It was either alternative medicine or suffer without relief.

I tried many of the fad diets back in the early days. I was a good weight back when I conceived my son but gained 50 pounds (3.57 English Stones) during my pregnancy, lost 30 (2.14 English Stones) in the delivery, and gained another 50 while lactating.

By the time my son was walking I was a good 225 pounds (16.07 English Stones) and unable to lose it. Despite my best efforts over the next 15 years, I ballooned up to a max of 305# (21.78 English Stones).

In 1995 my son had to be placed in a residential schooling environment. A latchkey child, he had been truant for six months because his school bus came by after I had left for work and he was not boarding it. Faced with giving him up or residential schooling, I found a school that I felt would serve his needs best. It was an emotionally exhausting day when we delivered him to the school. Resistant to the end, my brother had to manhandle him into the car.

I was very depressed and lonely then. I had no companion and no pets. I visited my son for an hour every couple of weeks but it just left me more depressed.

To take my mind off my situation, my brother delivered up my dad's old computer and got me on the internet. I met people online, then in person, fell in love, and married again. Once married, we were able to bring my son home on the condition he maintained his school attendance. The new school was still far away, not even in the same county, but he attended, and graduated, in a timely manner.

Also in 1995 I was introduced to The Zone Diet, by Barry Sears, Ph.D. Applied religiously, I was able to lose 25 pounds in two months, the most I'd lost on any diet I had tried to date.

A few years later I discovered my health insurance added chiropractic care to their benefits and I saw my first chiropractor. I had been using an at-home traction treatment I found mentioned in a self published book entitled Living Without Pain, and the chiro looked at my x-rays and pronounced my spine to be nearly perfect.

His examination of my x-ray showed spurs of arthritis on my neck vertebrae. After a few treatments of snap, crackle, pops we found this approach was leaving me bed bound for days after and he switched to heating pads, electrical pulse pads, and ultrasound. He introduced a percussion device on my back and told me I had Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome, when his treatment brought me to tears of pain. I later confirmed this with several physicians at my primary care hospital.

Years later, I learned I had diabetes. I had had hypoglycemia for some 20 years and had a family history of both, so I wasn't really surprised by this diagnosis. I hadn't been surprised by the arthritis either, since that also ran in my family. The fibro though, that surprised me.

I had been following the Zone diet ever since 1995 and now began to understand why it wasn't as effective as it had been in the beginning. Due to the diabetes, my body was fighting against my efforts to lose weight. I continued to plug at it though, relying on supplements and diet to manage my blood sugar and avoid the complications and side effects of diabetes prescription meds.

More recently, still frustrated at the slowness of my weight loss results (I have lost 59 pounds but keep hitting plateaus for lengthy periods.) I continued hunting through used books for answers and solutions. One day I discovered the book Dead Doctors Don't Lie, written by Joel Wallach.

The title hooked me. The subject matter, the importance of mineral supplementation, was a topic I had never explored before. I read the book cover to cover in less than a day.

The book mentioned not only chromium as a supplement for diabetes, which I was already taking, but also vanadium, which I had not been taking to date. Vanadium mimics the action of insulin and helps to transfer fuel into the cells. I bought some Vanadyl Sulfate and some liquid mineral supplements, quit my Mountain Dew habit, and noticed an immediate difference. I was sold!

Another recent find was the book entitled The Weight Loss Cure by Kevin Trudeau. This book introduced me to the hCG Diet (yes, lowercase h, uppercase CG, is the correct spelling), which stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant human females that acts upon the hypothalamus, which then unlocks your fat stores and helps you lose weight rapidly, without hunger, eventually resetting your weight thermostat. Weight loss of one pound A DAY is average!

Finally, my latest find was the DASH Diet, which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Yes, you got it, I have high blood pressure too. So does my brother, who weighs at least 450 pounds, if I'm any judge.

Over the past 30 years, and especially the last 11 years, I have amassed more than 200 books on diets and alternative medicine. (Click on my button for in order to view 200 of those books.) I continue to rely on diet, minerals, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements to manage my myriad conditions. I daily share my information and insights with friends and strangers alike, co-workers, Twitter, Facebook, and anyone and everyone who mentions pain or poor health.

I have not had a chance to try the hCG diet yet. Thanks to seven years under that A-hole governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, seven months unemployment (my husband), two years with a 15% loss due to furloughs (me), several months of vet expenses (Winker), we are still trying to recover financially.

I am happy to say I am still losing weight. Now down 69 pounds to less than 240. I'm not happy to say this is due to a semi-liquid diet, due to two broken teeth.

I thought of narrowing my website topic to one condition, disease or disorder, because alternative medicine is already so extensively covered on the internet. But I have too many conditions of my own to share my experience in to narrow this topic down. And there are just so many conditions that others have that can be effectively treated, even reversed or cured, through diet and supplementation with minerals, vitamins, herbs, and other supplements. I just did not feel I could limit this subject matter.

One of my hounds is named Winker, a basset hound runt with only one functional eye, a humpback, and shoulders like a fullback. Her current "sister" is named Lucy, a hound mix we acquired from a family who had rescued her from a bad situation. Although she has separation anxiety and fearful aggression, Lucy has improved tremendously in the past year+ of our ownership and bonded with Winker to our continual joy and delight. Observing the machinations of our hounds as they continue to try to one-up each other is a never-ending source of laughter and joy.

We lost Winker earlier this year. She died of Congestive Heart Failure.

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