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ADHD in Children

In my studies into alternative medicine such as using diet, supplements and external manipulations like exercise, aqua-therapy, etc., and naturopathic modalities, I'm inclined to the viewpoint that drugs should only be used as a last resort and only in cases of severe behavioral abnormalities or lacks. Whenever possible, actions should be taken towards modifying the child's diet and supplements, especially at school, and the home environment and the stimuli the child is exposed to there. If home schooling is possible, it is a perfectly feasible choice. If one-on-one tutoring is monetarily feasible, it is an excellent choice. No one modality should be pursued to the exclusion of all others. No one modality should be totally disregarded.

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To me, a child with ADHD or learning disabilities or whatever is a child of profound sensitivity, a biological sensitivity as opposed to a sensitivity of temperament. Biological sensitivity can manifest is a bewildering spectrum of possibilities. Take others of my acquaintance. My husband's psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. My own fibromyalgia, dysmenorrhea, and hypoglycemia. My mother's low pain threshold, eczema, thyroid imbalance, migraines, dysmenorrhea and endometriosis. Her mother's hypoglycemia. Her father's diabetes, skin cancer, glaucoma and heart disease. My father's diabetes. Friends with lupus, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cancer, diabetes, and many more. As often as these disorders can be attributed to some genetic malformation or predisposition, they can as often be attributed to a biochemical imbalance or over-sensitivity of the body.

As per The Zone diet books, diet is a far more powerful instrument to adjusting imbalances in the body than we have given it credit for. And imbalances don't have to be extreme to have a major impact on our behavior. The slightest imbalance can manifest behavioral changes in anyone, at any time. Look at women's menstrual cycles. Controlled by two hormones. The changes in the ratio of these two hormones control the entire cycle yet they are measurable in the most minute of quantities. Micro-hormones (eicosanoids) that are generated in the cells and affect only the neighboring cells, cannot be measured at all, their quantities are so minute. They never appear in the bloodstream. Yet they are so powerful they can spell the difference between life or death from both short-term and long-term imbalances. Like blood cholesterol and coagulating factors.

One of the most disfiguring disorders, psoriasis, is barely treatable with topical ointments, PUVA light treatments or sunlight, tar shampoos... yet review of several sources over the last two weeks has shown it IS completely curable... through DIET. If such as extreme disease such as psoriasis, and many others, can be treated, even cured, through diet, why not lesser, barely measurable imbalances, like ADHD or dyslexia or vitiligo? Vitiligo is clearly not caused by any miswiring of the brain, so why does it appear in a child with ADHD and dyslexia, which ARE blamed on a miswiring of the brain? Vitiligo is a biochemical imbalance, most often suggested as being caused by a slight imbalance of the thyroid gland. Wouldn't this suggest that perhaps the whole cause of my son's "problems" was not neurological but biochemical? Which explains his lack of improvement under medication. Which explains why diet is such a strong recommendation for control of his disorders.

Were there any other indications of biochemical imbalance? Well, chocolate has an absolutely staggering Jekyll & Hyde affect on him. Consumption caused an immediate and profoundly obvious alteration in personality and behavior towards the negative. The caffeine/sugar axis of Mountain Dew also exacerbates his hyperactivity. He was restricted on chocolates and sugars throughout his school years because of its immediate effect on his behavior and personality. He has also had frequent headaches and nose bleeds, once had a truly extreme rash of boils and has developed allergies. All these biochemical sensitivities in one area strongly suggest biochemical sensitivities in other areas, perhaps in ALL areas or as a basis of ALL his complaints.

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