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ADHD Treatments

What is the point of all this? Orthodox medicine is in its infancy still, less than a hundred years old. Though it has made extraordinary strides in this past half century plus, it is far too ready, to my mind, to throw out older and/or gentler, more naturopathic, methods of health care in favor of Band-Aid treatments like drugs and surgery. It is my strongest conviction that most, if not all, diseases and disorders that are not caused by the loss of a body part, can be treated, even controlled, by diet, by supplements, by environmental manipulation. By naturopathy and alternative (read ancient, tried and true, NATURAL) medicine.

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Go ahead and use drugs in the treatment of ADD or ADHD, if you feel it is needful, if your child's case is severe or extreme. But also pursue diet and supplements and therapy and tutoring and environmental adjustments as additional avenues of treatment. And be aware that, in the short number of years you have until your child reaches his full adult development, you probably don't have enough time to experiment with every possible modality. The sooner you hit on the best possible course and employ it, the sooner will your child successfully cope with his sensitivities and the sooner can he make up his loss of learning time so as to continue to advance academically with his age group.

My son was 5yo when he first entered counseling for behavior problems, 10yo when we first had a name for those problems, 10-1/2 when he was first medicated for them and 16yo when we finally admitted that drugs were next to useless in controlling his problems. Don't make our mistakes. FIRST change his diet. ADD every possible beneficial supplement - not just vitamins and minerals but also herbs. His body may have a limited capacity or loss of capability to process some essential substance(s). THEN adjust his environment - at home AND at school. FINALLY try drugs, but only under close observation and for a very short-term solution. Don't go through one drug after another. If the first two don't work or if your child has more than one sensitivity, like a recognized disease in addition to ADHD or dyslexia, then drugs are not the answer. You can find gentler, less damaging parallels in nature, specifically in herbs, to most drugs. Use them instead. Use behavior modification. Use therapy and counseling.

It will take hard work, more hard work than you probably anticipated having to put in when you brought that child into the world and looked forward to his 18 years under your care. But you accepted a contract with God when you gave birth to or sired this child. It's a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 18 years to life job. Take a fifteen minute coffee break. Then get back to your job... being the best parent God expects you to be. Being a parent is more than providing food or clothing or morality or religion. Its giving everything you've got and then more besides, to this being God placed in your care. This child is as much God as you are, equal to you in God's eyes. You are raising a potential contributing citizen, an individual who may someday work to improve or harm the world we live in. If it takes everything you've got to make him turn out for the best, it is not too much to give.

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