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Day 18 -
Blog of a Canine Lymphoma

Day 18 - Thursday, May 30, 2013

One of the lumps seems larger.

Everything had been going well, so I thought.  She’s more restless these days, but that seems to be a sign she needs to pee or shit more.  So I took her into the bedroom and encouraged her to get up on the bed, for some quality attention.  It’s also easier to check her lumps, especially the one in her groin, when she’s spread for a belly rub.

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The lump in her groin was definitely larger than when last I checked.

I could so kick myself at this point.  I’ve been watching the one in her neck the most because the one in her groin is so much harder to locate unless she’s in this position.

I sent a text to husband and asked him to check her lumps by tomorrow.  I didn’t want to influence his perceptions, so did not say what I thought.

He left me a note on the kitchen table.  Yes, the armpit and groin lumps felt larger to him.

Heavy sigh.  Time to adjust my program.

I stew about this for hours.  Finally, I decide the most likely culprits are (1) the enzymes are being administered wrong, (2) the vitamins are insufficient, or (3) I’m not giving her enough Amygdalin.  Increasing the Amgdalin is no problem.  Increasing the vitamins is also no problem. Administering the enzymes IS a problem.

Enzymes are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach.  But I’ve been giving them to her in weenies, albeit vegetarian weenies.  So I’m going to have to try to get them down her gullet midday, with as little food as possible. 

I think I’m also going to drop the kidney beans and double the Mung beans.  Mung beans have a higher percentage of Amygdalin content and are easier to cook, for one, and less toxic, for another.

All of this on top of working out our June budget and paying bills, on the home front, and trying to keep up with my current work while completing a special project and cannibalizing the contents of my cubicle for the upcoming company move.  Not to mention spring cleaning, regular housework, our library inventory project, and...

I am SO tired.

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