Now, follow us as we put together a nutritional program to treat our dog's cancer, a program you can also implement for your own cancer!

IF YOU HAVE CANCER see my Cancer pages for a vitally important Alert!

Cooking up Rice for
My Nutritional Program for Canine Cancer

Fill a large pot that has a tight lid with filtered or distilled water, ratio of two to one water to rice.  Add two teaspoons of kosher salt and bring to a full boil.

In a large sauce pan, heat olive oil (if cooking for humans) or canola or other vegetable oil (for vegetarian cancer diet) and add rice when oil is hot.  Stir thoroughly to both coat rice and heat evenly.  This helps improves flavor and color.

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Continue to stir rice until ready to be transferred to the boiling water, otherwise your rice will burn.  Use a heat-resistant rubber spoon or spatula.

Start the water boiling first, so that rice can be added as soon as the rice is ready.  This part takes some practice.  Heat rice on medium high until (1) smells nutty and/or (2) see heat waves.  Pour all rice from pan into pot and cover. 

Reduce heat to low and simmer for 50 minutes.

Take pot off heat and transfer to a cool burner or heating pad or trivet to rest for at least 10 minutes.

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