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Are you overweight?  Fat, pudgy, chubby, plump, porky, obese?  Have you tried one diet after another, trying to get back into your skinny jeans?  Or have you been overweight since childhood and despaired of ever being slim?

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Obesity is a crap shoot, setting us up for disease and compounded injuries, shortness of breath, lack of energy, even disinterest and depression, as we watch others routinely accomplish that which remains beyond us because of our weight.

Zone – DASH – hCG – Lysine versus Arginine – Acid versus Alkaline – Pagano – the Multiple Sclerosis Diet – Atkins – Every so-called expert out there has a different diet plan and, to brand it, a different diet name.  Which one is right for you, and how can you find it without trying them all?

I’ve been overweight since I conceived my son in 1980.  Told not to try to lose weight during pregnancy, I ate whenever I was hungry and added 50 pounds before I delivered him.  I lost about 30 in the delivery room, and promptly added 50 more on during lactation.  In the years since, my weight climbed and climbed, until I topped out at 305 pounds.  In the past few years, I’ve finally managed to lose 75 pounds, after which I slipped off the wagon and added 25 pounds back on.  I now hover between 250 and 260 pounds.  Ideally, I should be about 130-135 pounds, for my height and fine bone structure.  Will I ever get there?  I haven’t given up yet.

Trying to lose weight on some diet becomes even more complicated when one has a metabolic disease, such as diabetes, as I have.  Some diets are designed for special conditions and don’t work as well if you are otherwise healthy.  Other diets only work if you are relatively healthy and do not lend themselves well to specific diseases.

Before you get to tearing your hair out (too late, BTDT), come with me and learn, painlessly, the merits of each diet, their pros and cons, and what you can expect.  How well they work for you is dependent on many factors, such as your overall health, diseases, medications, age, familial genetics, well, all kinds of things.  I’m sure one, or more, of these will benefit you.  And yes, it is possible to combine diets, to achieve the maximum benefits for YOUR particular needs.

I’ve been on the Zone Diet since 1995.  It has, so far, been the only diet I’ve successfully lost weight on – repeatedly.  It is also the best possible diet to “manage” my diabetes.  It isn’t only for people with diabetes, though.  I’ve known others who have lost weight on this diet.  The great thing about the Zone Diet is it is a “balanced” diet, meaning balanced proteins and carbohydrates, and can be used not only to lose weight, but also to gain or maintain weight.

The DASH Diet was designed specifically for people with hypertension (high blood pressure).  While I also have HBP, I have not yet incorporated this diet into my routines.  Still, this is a worthy diet, and well worth consideration, IF you also have hypertension.

The hCG Diet is the diet of last resort.  And first resort, if you have A LOT of weight to drop.  While it is just as effective if you only have a little to lose, its strict diet protocols and the expense of the hormone (and difficulty obtaining it) make this diet more suited to those who have tried everything else and are beginning to think seriously about surgery.  I would also say that this is probably the best diet for people who have been obese since childhood.  This is not the kind of diet you can spend the rest of your life on.  This is meant for short term, rapid weight loss.  Then you need to switch to another diet for maintenance.

The Lysine versus Arginine Diet, like the DASH Diet, addresses a single disease.  If you don’t have that disease, you don’t need to concern yourself with this diet.  If you do have that disease, this diet is a Godsend.  This diet was designed for sufferers of Herpes.  If you don’t have Herpes, ignore it.

The Acid versus Alkaline Diet seeks to correct the pH in your body.  It has been found, conclusively, that an acidic pH lends itself more to disease, whereas an alkaline pH lends itself towards optimum health.  Dr. Pagano put forth one version of this diet in his efforts to reverse Psoriasis, and was uniquely successful.  But this diet is not just for people with Psoriasis, but for all individuals with a disease.

The Multiple Sclerosis Diet is another diet designed for a specific disease and addressing a very specific deficiency.  Studies have found MS patients to be deficient in Vitamin B-13, Orotic Acid, a component of the see-saw trio of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.  Vitamin B-13 is not available for supplementation, so must be derived from a diet high in Whey protein and root vegetables.  What’s the difference between a root vegetable and a tuber?  I’ll tell you that.

The Atkins Diet is, potentially, a killer diet.  There is a history there that you may not be aware of.  I’ve tried this diet personally.  It gave me the most horrific stomach cramps I’ve ever had.  Before you commence this diet, read what I know about it and reconsider.

You may ask why I don’t mention the Heart Association Diet or the Medical Association Diet or the Food Pyramid or the other “traditional” Diets.  Thanks to such (orthodox, not traditional) diets, Americans are fatter than they were before these diets became the standard.  And our average weight continues to climb.  These diets have only worked to make us sick and kill us before our time.  Enough said, I think.

There is one final diet that needs to be mentioned and that is the one for cancer.  Cancer is a multiple deficiency syndrome, caused by genetics, environmental toxins, AND, not or, dietary deficiencies.  Thus, to wage war on cancer, one needs to at least attempt to address and counteract each of these concerns, at the same time.  Genetics, unfortunately, are beyond me, but if you think there is a family history, I would seriously look at environment and family-related food groups and eating patterns.

Fighting cancer calls for supplementation, dietary changes, and the use of the pseudo vitamin, B-17, called Amygdalin.  Because of the immensity of this subject, most of this diet will be covered in my Cancer pages.  But cross-links will be shared here as well, once those pages are completely fleshed out.  It’s a gigantic topic, almost needing a whole website by itself.  So you’ll understand, I hope, that it may take me some time to get it all done.

That doesn't mean YOU have to wait!  Jump the gun and send me a comment or question.  I’m more than happy to give you a private heads up, if I can.  And maybe up the priority of the topic YOU most want to read about.  But I can’t know what you want to know unless you tell me.  So step up, speak up, tell me what you need, or desire, and give me a chance to share a lifetime of experience and knowledge with you, one on one.  If I can’t help you, I’ll say so, right up front.  But chances are, I’ve got something in my experience or library that you don’t already know, and that will help you achieve your goals towards optimum health and freedom from disease.

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