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Do Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

No one knows the exact cause of breast cancer. Undoubtedly, like most life-threatening diseases, it is probably due to a multiple pattern of negative factors, including poor diet and exercise, environmental factors, stress, carcinogens, etc. So changing only one element in one's life may not be sufficient to arrest its arrival but it also can't hurt. Remember the termite. Small but mighty, its insidious activities can bring down the greatest of structures. If we chip away at the mountain that is breast cancer, by tweaking our lives here and there into more healthful avenues, invariably, IMHO, we will conquer that mountain and erode it back to the ocean floor.

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One potential cause of breast cancer, largely overlooked until now, is the all American BRA. Or for the more traditional, brassiere. All American, did I say? Yes, for the most part, the bra is a fashion element of industrialized cultures. Women of more primitive cultures, read back-to-nature, do not utilize bras or brassieres. They don't necessarily "let it all hang out" like primitive African, Asian and South American Indian tribes still living in grass huts and running down their prey with spears and arrows. But their breasts bounce and jiggle without restraint under their garments, as God intended (let's save THAT debate for another day, shall we?)

Some may think the premise that a single constrictive garment can cause so much damage is laughable. Certainly, one of the reviews of Dr. Singer's book, Dressed To Kill, was along those lines. That was, I feel, written by one of those skeptic-to-the-bone naysayers that make me want to commit mayhem on, the ones who seem so utterly devoid of any inkling of common sense, and have to have new ideas proven down to the nth degree before they will give it any credence. Though written by a woman, and a breast cancer survivor, this woman undoubtedly has not learned anything from her near brush with death. She is willing to merrily continue wearing bras, and even cautioning others from discarding theirs, rather than admit bra wearing may have been crucial in her case. She will probably end up with cancer in her other breast and turn out like some of the pictures I saw once, of women with no breasts but two hideous, scarred distorted flatnesses on their chests. I'm not trying to be heartless here, ladies. Breast cancer is a harsh reality, a life-threatening reality, and if we pussy-foot around it to protect people's sensibilities, we are never going to defeat it!

Why is bra wearing a potential factor in breast cancer? The elastic nature of bras not only restricts the breasts natural motion, but also constricts those tissues. Surprisingly, the bouncing, jiggling motion of a natural breast is CRUCIAL to normal lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system, FYI, serves to pull waste products and toxins out of the body tissues and into the bloodstream, to be channeled to the liver and kidneys for excretion. The lymph system does not have the force of the heart to move substances through its tubes, and are tiny and fragile besides. So the bouncing, jiggling motion of the breast, and other body tissues as one moves, provides the motive power to the lymphatic system. Makes sense, doesn't it? Works for me!

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Here is a chart I created from the facts found in the Singer/Grismaijer book, Dressed To Kill.

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