Now, follow us as we put together a nutritional program to treat our dog's cancer, a program you can also implement for your own cancer!

IF YOU HAVE CANCER see my Cancer pages for a vitally important Alert!

Got Cancer? Get Amygdalin!

What could be more perfect? Two cancer killers and a fuel, in one neat little package. Two cytotoxins more powerful in combination than separately. Energy, a pain reliever and a component of body fluids to normal tissue. A devastating weapon of destruction to cancerous tissue.

ALERT!!! IF you have Cancer STOP consuming any SOY PRODUCTS, egg whites, lima beans or cow pancreas. These products contain natural Trypsin Inhibitors. Trypsin, in high enough dosages, has the ability to liquify cancer cells. Take Pancreatin and Pancreatic Enzymes immediately. Take between meals , at least twice daily, on an empty stomach, for systemic, not dietary aide. Best dosages unknown, uncalculable. DO NOT rely on container recommendations. More, and very important, details herein, shortly. USE WITH CAUTION!

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It's found in more than 2,000 plants, vegetation you consume all the time. Fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, and grains. In fact, you have already been consuming it - every day of your life - in the form of Vitamin B12. Are you dead yet?

The Powers That Be want you to think, nay believe, that this substance is poisonous to you. They've gone to great lengths to discredit it and persecute its promoters and adherents. They are so determined to deceive you that they have launched a campaign to change the name of Vitamin B-12 from CYANO-cobolamin to plain vanilla Cobolamin. All in an effort to hide the Hydrogen Cyanide (aka Hydrocyanide) component of Vitamin B-12.

And of Vitamin B-17. Amygdalin. A nitriloside. One of a class of substances designed for this one purpose. To destroy cancer cells.

Don't believe you've ever eaten this stuff before? Look over this list of the most commonly consumed sources and tell me that again...

  • Alfalfa Leaves (H)
  • Alfalfa sprouts (M)
  • Apple Seeds (H)
  • Apricot Seeds (H)
  • Bamboo Sprouts (H)
  • Beet Tops (leaves) (L)
  • Bitter Almonds (H)
  • Black Beans (L)
  • Blackberries, Domestic (L)
  • Blackberries, Wild (H)
  • Black-eyed Peas (L->M)
  • Boysenberries (M)
  • Buckwheat (M)
  • Cashew Nuts (L)
  • Cassava (H)
  • Cherry Seeds (H)
  • Choke Cherries (H)
  • Crabapples, Wild (H)
  • Cranberries (market) (L)
  • Currants (M)
  • Elderberries (M->H)
  • Eucalyptus Leaves (H)
  • Fava Beans (H)
  • Fava Sprouts (M)
  • Flax Seeds (M)
  • Garbanzo Beans (L->M) 
  • Garbanzo Sprouts (M)
  • Gooseberries (M)
  • Green Peas (L)
  • Huckleberries (M)
  • Kidney Beans (L->M)
  • Lentils (M)
  • Lima Beans, U.S. (L)
  • Lima Beans, Burma (M)
  • Loganberries (M)
  • Macadamia Nuts (M->H)
  • Millet (M)
  • Mulberries (M)
  • Mung Beans (M->H)
  • Mung Sprouts (M)
  • Nectarine Seeds (H)
  • Peach Seeds (H)
  • Pear Seeds (H)
  • Plum Seeds (H)
  • Prune Seeds (H)
  • Quince (M)
  • Raspberries (M)
  • Shell Beans (L)
  • Spinach Leaves (L)
  • Squash Seeds (M)
  • Strawberries (and seeds) (M)
  • Swedish (lignon) Cranberries (H)
  • Sweet Potatoes (L)
  • Watercress Leaves (L)
  • Yams (L)


  • (H) means more than 500 mgs of nitriloside per 100 grams of food
  • (M->H) means medium to high
  • (M) means more than 100 mgs of nitriloside per 100 grams of food
  • (L->M) means low to medium
  • (L) means less than 100 mgs of nitriloside per 100 grams of food

To calculate equivalents, each one ounce of carbohydrate equals 9 grams.  Each one ounce of nuts equals 1.5 grams.  Each one ounce of meat or 1.5 ounces of fish equals 7 grams.  

11-12 ounces of fruits/vegetables equals 100 grams.  66 ounces of nuts would equal 100 grams.  14 ounces of meat or 21 ounces of fish would equal 100 grams.

How far has the government gone to deceive you? When was the last time you saw a bitter almond tree? A what tree? Never used bitter almonds when cooking? Chefs the world over know this substance. So why don't you? That's because American soil has been nearly completely stripped of bitter almond trees. And all because they were a major source of Amygdalin and, because their seeds are bitter, not a popular substance.

A lot harder for the government to wipe out or suppress apricots, peaches, and other stone fruits, another major source of Amygdalin, beloved by millions. Easier by far to convince you that the seeds at the heart of the stones were worthless and even to prevent you from getting any benefits from them, by irradiating the fruit before it reaches your table.

Did you know that you can buy this substance anywhere in the world - EXCEPT within the United States? Did you know you cannot buy, sell, or prescribe it, within these borders? Thankfully, you can buy it from another country, have it shipped to you, and consume it.

But think, as an American, doesn't that just make you burn? What happened to your freedom of choice? This stuff doesn't change your personality like drugs or alcohol, doesn't kill anyone when you mishandle it. So why has our government made it illegal? It's in Vitamin B-12, in more than 2,000 plants! How can they possibly believe they can enforce that? Why are they so determined to do so?

Did you know more people make a living off of cancer than are dying of it? Think about that for a minute. Not just doctors, nurses, and hospitals, but product manufacturers, hospice care, insurance companies, advertisers, non-profits, why the list goes on and on and on. As much as we decry the horrors and tragedy of cancer, we have secretly become a nation of cancer promoters!

Still not convinced? Maybe you need it from the horse's mouth? Here is an excerpt from the book "Alive and Well", written by Philip E. Binzel, Jr., M.D., available free of charge right here on the World Wide Web.

When Mr. Coe informed Judge Bohanon that the defense had concluded its testimony, the Judge turned to the FDA attorneys and said, "The court is now prepared to hear your witnesses and view your evidence." One FDA attorney replied, "Your Honor, we don't have any." The rest of the dialogue went like this:

Judge: "You are telling me that you have filed suit in this court that Laetrile is toxic, and you don't have a single witness or a shred of evidence to support such a suit?"

Attorney: "That is correct, Your Honor."

Judge: "Then why have you filed such a suit?"

Attorney: "Because, Your Honor, Laetrile may be dangerous."

Judge: "Dangerous to whom?"

Attorney: "Dangerous to the Federal Government, Your Honor."

Judge: "How could Laetrile possibly be dangerous to the Federal Government?"

Attorney: "Because, Your Honor, the Government may lose control."

With this the Judge, now obviously angered, slammed down his gavel and said, "Case dismissed!"

Come with me on a journey of discovery. Find out how to test yourself for cancer with a simple OTC pregnancy test and why that works. Did you know there was only one cancer and not dozens? Why are some cancers more lethal than others? Learn how to stuff your daily menu with delectable cancer killing foods - and drinks! Find out what other supplements you need to put together a powerful, cancer fighting program.

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