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hCG Diet Your Way to Slim and Trim

Have you tried damn near every diet and still can’t get the weight off?  Are you thinking the last resort of surgery may be all that’s left for you?  Well, stop right there!  Here comes the hCG Diet to the Rescue!!!

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What is the hCG Diet?  It’s a dietary protocol developed in Britain decades ago and still used today in its original form.  It is so effective that weight loss of a pound a day is the rule, not the exception.

Why is it called the “hCG” Diet?  HCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  This hormone causes the hypothalamus gland in your brain to signal the body to burn your hardest-to-lose (adipose) fat and to reset your metabolism so you can continue to maintain the lower weight when the diet is finished.

One of the most difficult aspects of the diet is actually finding a source for the pure hormone.  Because the FDA won’t approve it, there are a plethora of fraudulent products out there that purport to be as effective, but they are not.  Don’t let yourself be deceived. 

And don’t be put off because the FDA doesn’t approve it.  The FDA doesn’t approve anything that can’t be patented.  And natural substances not created by a pharmaceutical giant can’t be patented.

While the diet is complicated, and not easy to implement, everyone who has managed to apply it correctly, and lose weight, has agreed that all the effort is well worth it.

It took days of research, reading product labels, and making phone calls, but I finally located one website that markets pure hCG hormone.  Because they don’t offer affiliate or wholesale marketing, their prices are reasonable and better even than that of all the frauds out there.  While their website doesn’t have a lot of pages or a lot of information, it doesn’t need it.  The most important facts are covered.  All the focus is on the product, as it should be.

So if you are ready to commence the diet, you’ve read the particulars, you’ve got your meals planned and all you need now is the hormone, pop on over to and place your first order.  Then come back and see me to share your story.  I and my readers are eager to hear from you.

Topics on the way:

  • Injections versus sublingual (under-the-tongue) drops
  • Hormonal drops versus homeopathic (fraudulent) drops
  • All the scoop on the diet protocol
  • Resources
  • Supporting Supplements

Note: Research has found that this diet is very effective in diminishing the impact of diabetes and lessening the need for insulin and other diabetic medications.  However, care must be taken in planning your meals to accommodate both the requirements of the protocol and your diabetic needs.  I've ordered a book from Amazon that contains at least three references that address these concerns, as I am myself a diabetic and want to undertake this diet.  Once I've reviewed the book, I will write some additional pages to help other diabetics make the necessary adjustments to apply this diet to their own lifestyles.

This diet has also been found to be effective against high blood pressure and some other disorders.  Careful research is the key to ensuring minimal debilitating effects by the transition.  If you are willing to send me a comment on your special needs, I will be happy to do that research for you.  You may remain anonymous, if you desire, or shout your name out for all your friends and family to admire.

Of special note are the additives.  All hCG products contain additives.  This product by contains vitamin B12 and a selection of amino acids.  The amino acid L-Arginine is also included.  L-Arginine helps build muscle, yes, but it also encourages the growth of the Herpes virus. 

So if you are a sufferer, it is imperative you supplement with L-Lysine while on this protocol, as L-Lysine suppresses the virus, and keep your prescription meds close at hand.  I’ve already outlined the foods that enhance or suppress the virus, in the Lysine-versus-Arginine Herpes Suppression Diet over on my mobile website,  Once I’ve finished my review and preparations for this hCG Diet, I will also flesh it out with regards to the LVA diet and create a page here, tied also to my Herpes page.

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