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Heat Rash

Heat rashes (also called Prickly Heat) are miserable, painful, even embarrassing. Everyone gets one, eventually. Nothing sours a vacation or family get-together faster than a snappish, grumpy member with a heat rash.

Did you know they were almost completely preventable?

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I remember my last visit to the state fair, held annually here in Sacramento (California, USA) the last two weeks of August, which are always very hot and occasionally muggy. I left that event with heat rashes everywhere I had elastic. Egads, was I in pain or what?!?!?

I found a solution a few years back, and tested it. Then I tested it again on some really hot days when I didn't want to even risk a heat rash. It worked beautifully, both times.

Whether you are currently suffering or just want to avoid suffering, your answer lies in Essential Oils. I use Grapeseed Oil, which comes in a reassuringly generous sized bottle, and Lavender Oil, which comes in a tiny bottle. I sprinkle both on a cotton ball and swab the affected/at-risk areas.

Essential Oils serve several functions for heat rash. They soothe the irritated skin, easing one's discomfort. They help normalize and regenerate skin cells. [1]. And they protect the area from further irritation.

I got my tip from the book referenced below. There are three other tips on this topic but this turned out to be the fastest and most appropriate solution, at least for me. I'd like to know if others find it helpful, too.

Essential Oils can be purchased at a wide variety of retailers.


  1. Gottlieb, Bill. Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems. Rodale, Inc., 2000. ISBN 1-57954-058-9.

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