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Herpes is kind of like house mold - once it moves in, it's your unwelcome guest, for life.

How you got it, where you got it, is all irrelevant once you have it.

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If this is your first outbreak, go ahead, bite the bullet. Hit the emergency room and get a prescription. You will thank me.

Keep that prescription handy and always have a supply on hand. During the first year you are likely to experience frequent outbreaks, which will gradually diminish over time. By taking a pill of Valocyclovir or something like as soon as you think it’s starting, and one a day for up to 3-4 days, you can arrest its development with much less suffering.

Once you are over the first outbreak, then it's time to plan for the long haul. So how do you keep the virus dormant and eradicate its visits?

The drugs that treat the virus are expensive and not intended for long term, daily use. So the best option available is over the counter stuff and diet. Remember, "diet" doesn't always mean weight loss. "Diet" refers to any modified pattern of consumption.

Fortunately, both of those options work well and are ideally suited for long term use.

The players now on your team are Lysine and Arginine, two amino acids that oppose one another. Lysine suppresses the virus and Arginine encourages and assists its growth.

Now you can, and should, supplement with L-Lysine, up to 1,500 mg/day. However, popular literature recommends you lay off after a few months, namely six.

For once the government did everyone a good turn and published a respectably generous list of foods and their ratio of Lysine to Arginine. You can find this list all over the internet.

Unfortunately, that list isn't terribly handy to carry around, if you want to rely on it when shopping or eating out.

You’re in luck, coming here today! On my mobile website,, I’ve created an easy to use set of pages on what I call the Lysine versus Arginine Diet (aka LVA Diet). You can access this site from the web and mobile devices. If you feel it needs some adjustment, please, send me some feedback. I can’t fix it if I don’t know that there’s something wrong.

This Lysine versus Arginine Diet is derived directly from those government reports. I don’t have a link here to take you to those reports because, well, quite frankly, they ARE everywhere on the internet – thus I was unable to locate the original source. And the source listed on the report pages is unfindable, probably defunct.

Herpes is an horrific, embarrassing, humiliating disease. Worse, it is highly contagious, always. You can’t give blood. You can’t have intercourse without protection, unless your partner is already infected too. You have to remind every doctor and medical professional when they treat you, to ensure they are wearing gloves and protection.

It’s a pain is the ass! Or rather, in unmentionable, private places.

But it’s not the end of life, nor of joy, or passion, or love, or family, or friendship, or happiness. Take all the precautions you can and that you feel are reasonable to ensure all those you associate with are protected from contagion – and get on with your life.

You don’t have to justify yourself to others, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Yes, there is a fine line between sharing a potentially contagious condition and protecting your inherent privacy. Just tell your medical professionals, including dentists, your partner(s) and whomever you live with (I don’t think the dogs care), and keep it to yourself otherwise. As long as you are taking steps to reduce contagion, the world doesn’t need to know.

The Lysine versus Arginine Diet

Visit my mobile website, Best Diets dot mobi,

for the Lysine versus Arginine Diet, in a simple, on-the-go format!

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