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Medical Conditions

Most people have at least one medical condition, whether we call it a disease, a disorder, an illness, or the result of an injury. Many of us have multiple conditions. Sometimes we have a whole laundry list of seemingly unrelated symptoms that baffle even the doctors, maybe for years.

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I was not surprised. I was obese, had hypoglycemia for nearly 20 years, and had a strong family history of Diabetes, including my father, several of his brothers, both his parents, and my mother's father.

I found out I had Arthritis when I saw a chiropractor for the first time. He X-ray'ed my spine, pronounced I had a nearly perfect curvature, and pointed out the spurs on the vertebrae of my neck. Arthritis also ran in my family, so I wasn't terribly surprised then either.

Visiting the chiropractor was a mixed blessing. Yes, he did wonderful things for my back and, yes, I needed those snap-crackle-pops. At first. Then I found those manipulations laid me up in bed for two or three days.

Unable to manipulate my spine and joints anymore, my chiropractor introduced a new technique, a percussive device he used on my back. My reaction brought me to tears. Literally.

Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome, he said. I had never heard of it. Oh, that's understandable, he said. Sometimes it takes 10 years or more to obtain a diagnosis, he said, because the list of symptoms can masquerade as a number of other problems, especially if you also have those diseases. I did some research. Suddenly, a whole lot of mysterious symptoms began to make sense.

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I am fortunate, perhaps, that these conditions came to me when they did. My doctors told me firmly that, while they could prescribe this or that, there was really no cure for them and I would just have to learn to cope.

So I did. I researched alternative medicine approaches and built up a library of two overflowing bookcases, always searching for the best alternatives to complete health and wellness.

I've had mixed success. I've lost 59 pounds on the Zone diet plus hydrocitric acid; Diabetes increases the difficulty of losing weight.

I solved my Plantar Fasciitis with a Select Comfort Air Bed.

I improved my speed of healing and diminished pain with liquid mineral supplements.

In 1990 I saw a doctor for chest pain. Every time I sneezed, coughed or hiccupped, it felt like a sharp percussion inside my chest. EKG's found nothing wrong. He decided it was an "inflammation of the lining of my ribs" and prescribed Tagamet, which I took for years.

I finally quit Tagamet because I wasn't improving, and switched to vitamins and herbs. And, after several more years, that condition disappeared.

When I experienced sudden, excruciating chest pain a couple years back, I went into emergency and took an ambulance ride to the hospital. They kept me overnight and ran some tests. Everything came back negative. When I asked my husband to bring me some fast food because the meals they were serving me did not comply with the Zone diet requirements for balance, they couldn't check me out fast enough.

I followed up with my own doctor and, three weeks later, had a sonogram of my abdominal organs. They couldn't find what was wrong and finally decided it must be diabetic fatty liver.

What they didn't know is that I wasn't about to tolerate that pain for three weeks. I could not get an earlier appointment. I did some research online, treated it as gallstones , ate four apples over the next four days, and felt a sudden, abrupt cessation of pain on the fourth day. I saw something that looked like corn in my toilet bowl, which fit the description of a stone. I had not eaten corn in over a week, so it was clearly not corn.

So I commenced a distasteful purge over the weekend, passed what seemed like a gazillion stones, most the size of rice kernels, and so, had already solved my problem before I had the sonogram done.

A month ago I had a water blister on my shin. These are common for me, for my feet and ankles frequently swell with edema, and when the swelling goes down it leaves water blisters behind. Well I popped the blister and tried to peel off the dead skin. And took off a strip three inches long and more than an inch wide.

Well, having done this several times before, I cleaned it up, applied Bacitracin, a non-adhesive gauze pad, and a sock of netting to hold the gauze in place. I stocked up on my Vitamin C and echinacea and went about my business. I applied clean pads twice a day.

After two weeks, I still did not have any new skin. I also had pulsing bursts of pain on the area, and tenderness, although no signs of infection. The pain was also disrupting my sleep.

Now worried and desperate, I hit my nearby used book store and picked up a copy of the book "Dead Doctors Don't Lie" by Joel D. Wallach, B.S., D.V.M., N.D. I read the entire book in 24 hours.

The next day I quit Mountain Dew and bought a bottle of liquid minerals at my nearby Health Food Store. The pain in my shin vanished that same night, as did, surprisingly, the pain in my shoulder from bursitis and calcific tendonitis. Six days later, when I had supposedly recovered from the mineral leaching caused by the phosphates in the soda, I found new skin forming.

I was a believer!

Minerals are catalysts, without which our bodies cannot complete chemical processes optimally. Also, our supplementation with vitamins achieves its best effectiveness when we also supplement with minerals. Minerals, however, cannot be derived from our food.

Dr. Wallach has identified 70 minerals found in the body. Some of these are radioactive isotopes and other types of minerals whose medical benefits may not have been established yet.

This page is meant to lead into the various conditions I have personal experience with, and those conditions experienced by my spouse(s), son, friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors.

I enjoy checking my resources for conditions others have mentioned or complained of. Please contact me if you would like me to research a condition your have or are interested in, that I have not already covered herein. With your approval, I will be happy to create a page on my website just for you. Your privacy is guaranteed.

Alternatively, you can tell me about your condition(s) yourself. Once I've approved it, I'll send you an email so you can see your page, live on my website. Be sure to tell all your family and friends so they can also see your story on the internet!


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