Now, follow us as we put together a nutritional program to treat our dog's cancer, a program you can also implement for your own cancer!

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Mineral Supplementation

Minerals are essential to the body because they act as "cofactors for DNA, RNA, enzyme systems or cofactors for vitamins." [1] They are catalysts, without which your body cannot adequately utilize the vitamins and other nutrients you consume or absorb.

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I am currently supplementing with 32 ounces of 79 Plant Derived Colloidal Minerals, Item # 13203, for 19USD from Youngevity, Dr. Wallach's company. With taxes, S&H, I recommend you get two or more at a time. (Go to the "Download" link in the left-hand menu. Download the catalog and the price sheet. When you order, please include my Distributor # 100512346.)

I called the company awhile back, trying to locate them because there were several, somewhat tacky, websites about these online and I wasn't sure which was the real McCoy. The company told me the other sites were distributors.

Anyway, in answer to a question about the minerals I was told that the 32 fluid ounces were to be dosed at two tablespoons per 100 pounds of body weight. So one container can last anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on your weight.

If you are interested, you can sign up for either preferred customer (free) or distributor ($10 lifetime fee). The advantage of a distributorship is discounts and possibly income from their MLM business model.

(If you decide to become a distributor, would you consider putting in my name as your sponsor? I've just mailed in my application. You don't need to mail yours though, they accept faxes too. And thank you! )

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