Now, follow us as we put together a nutritional program to treat our dog's cancer, a program you can also implement for your own cancer!

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My Nutritional Program for Canine Cancer

How do you go about creating a diet for a dog with cancer when there is no "official" published information to be found?  I used a diet employed by a doctor who had successfully treated his cancer patients with a nutritional approach for at least 20 years, modified for the needs of a canine instead of a human.

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Dr. Philip Binzel Jr. said, for the (human) cancer patients he treated for the better part of 20 years that “If it is animal, or it comes from an animal, you can not have it.”

This is because the enzymes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin are pivotal to penetrating the protein lining of the cancer cell – and for the digestion of animal based proteins in the diet.  Because these enzymes are stored in the liver, which has a limited storage capacity, the body has a limited supply to utilize on a daily basis.  If one depletes that supply with what they consume, then there is insufficient left with which to fight the cancer.  And without the penetrating action of the Trypsin and Chymotrypsin, the Amygdalin consumed cannot kill the cancer cell.

Dr. Binzel also took the advice of experts of that era and applied a complete nutritional program that included vitamins, minerals, enzymes, a vegetarian diet, and Amygdalin. 

Let me touch on each of these briefly.  Each of these will be further described on a separate page.


I’m starting with chewable dog vitamins but the advice on the internet suggests the amounts in these are inadequate.  So I am doubling them for Lucy and adding in human supplements, cut down to 33-50% for a 50# dog.  I will be using Dr. Joel Wallach’s recommendations on a basic vitamin supplement program, again adjusted for my dog by weight.  


I am giving Lucy the same liquid mineral supplement I take.  The staff at Youngevity said the dosage was one capful per 100 pounds, so she gets 1/2 capful once a day.


I have obtained an enzyme supplement that specifically includes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin.  I am giving her one tab per day.  As I don’t know what her needs are yet, I do not want to undercut here.

Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc is the carrier for Amygdalin and Vitamin C is necessary to build new cells and boost the immune system.  I am dosing her currently with 15-30 mg of Zinc and one quarter of a 500 mg tablet of Vitamin C.  Both are being administered with the Enzymes at the same time as the Amygdalin, to ensure their availability (using veggie weenies).


I am still experimenting but am currently giving her a beans and rice mixture, with additional protein derived from soy and hemp.  The beans and rice were chosen because of their availability of Amygdalin, which is medium to high, not because of their protein content, which is medium to low.  Also because beans are low in Methionine, which Rice has aplenty, and Rice is low in Lysine, which beans have in full amount.

As I myself do not eat beans, I have never before learned to choose, store, or cook them.  Here is my current Beans & Rice with additional protein recipe, following the advice of the California Dried Bean Advisory Board and various other internet recommendations.  In my humble opinion, the addition of seasoning is likely the only thing necessary to make this palatable to humans.  I am also including some raw fruits and vegetables for snacks, for more Amygdalin content, and to add flavor at mealtimes.  


Finally, this approach would not be complete without the Amygdalin (Vitamin B-17, NOT Laetrile) nor would the Amygdalin be effective without a complete nutritional program.  I placed orders with two entities online, this source in Mexico and this source through Amazon.  My Mexican order arrived in two days, my Amazon order in three.  I am currently dosing Lucy with 500 mg daily, in the evening as recommended by Dr. Binzel. 

Another reason I dose in the evening is because I couple the Amygdalin with the enzymes, Zinc, and Vitamin C.  Enzymes are supposed to be taken on an empty stomach, between meals.  As this program is largely mine to administer, I chose to dose with the enzymes at night when I am home to give them to her, rather than between breakfast and dinner when my husband is getting ready for work and likely to forget.

I will continue to experiment and modify my nutritional program for Lucy as my book and online research reveals new information.  I recommend you come back often to see how this program has evolved.  Certainly, if you have a dog with cancer, the sooner you can implement my program or your own modified one, the better a chance your dog has to survive. 

Remember, canines age seven times faster than humans.  Lucy’s lymph nodes more than doubled in size in the six days between hubby’s first notice and my notice.  I noticed on a Friday and we took her in immediately for tests.  Test results were received the following Monday, May 13, 2013.  Today, 15 days after the test results (five days on Prednisone and almost 14 on a fast evolving nutritional program) the tumors do not appear to have increased in size nor have they metastasized beyond the three originally found.  The largest is the one nearest her throat, now about the size of a large jawbreaker gumball.

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