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Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is, in a word, excruciating.

When one puts one's feet to the floor, the pain is so intense one cannot flatten their foot to the floor, and end up balancing awkwardly on their toes as they take their first steps. It takes a few minutes and a bit of walking on the toes before one can force their feet flat and start working the pain out. This is the rule whether you've just had eight hours or eight minutes with your feet up. Of course, after eight hours is far more painful than after eight minutes.

I had Plantar Fasciitis and I have suffered ZERO pain from it for several years.

I have relieved mine through three concurrent solutions.

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Arch supports in my shoes are a daily requirement. They ensure there is no space between your sole and the sole of the shoe, massaging the sole of your foot. This is not, unfortunately, a foolproof solution, as I found wearing them on and off (mostly on) for the past 25 years did not completely prevent the development of Plantar Fasciitis in the first place, and did not solve it in the second place. Arch supports did, however, help to keep it at bay during the hours I was up and about.

(You don't need arch supports in your bedtime slippers, and, yes, you can periodically wear slip-ons, flip-flops, and sandals without them, even go barefoot. Your results will vary, depending on various factors such as your diet, nutrition, supplements, and length of time without significant pain.)

Wearing arch supports means, of course, I rarely, if ever, wear pumps. In fact, I wear walking shoes with the thickest soles I can find. Orthopedic shoes, such as nurses and waitresses wear, are your best bet, if you can afford them. Alternatively, I wear SAS Shoes, with soles nearly as thick as orthopedics. Finally, you can take a pair of sneakers or regular walking shoes, and ask a shoe repair place to add more sole to them.

Reminder, when you are buying shoes, have the staff measure BOTH your feet. Not until I was processed for a nearly $600 pair of diabetic shoes and custom inserts did I discover that my right foot was a size 9 and my left an 8-1/2. I wore 8-1/2 sized pairs for decades, wondering why my right toes hurt more than my left.

When my arch supports failed to prevent or solve my Plantar Fasciitis, I did some research and decided my innerspring mattress was one of the primary culprits. So I purchased a Select Comfort airbed. This proved, at the time, to be my thousand dollar miracle bed (mattress, box springs, and two pillows). Once I had the air pressure adjusted to my comfort level, it only took a few weeks/months and my pain was gone. I don't remember precisely how long it took, because that was approximately 10 years ago. I have been pain free that long.

My final solution is, of course, supplements. As Plantar Fasciitis (PF) is a symptom/side-effect of Fibromyalgia Pain Syndrome (FMS), I just follow the requirements for FMS. Of course, PF is not exclusive to FMS.

Now, it is possible that the new memory foam mattresses may be just as good as an airbed. I have no personal experience in that regards, of course. I would not recommend waterbeds, however, as they affect the back adversely, and this will likely only exacerbate these disorders.

I'm not saying, of course, that all innerspring mattresses are bad. They just aren't ideal for people with diseases/disorders that cause pain. It is possible, if you have a good quality one without any broken springs that has a generous pillow top, it may be sufficient for you. However, if arch supports and supplements fail to solve your Plantar Fasciitis, then I suggest that changing your mattress is probably the only other solution that is likely to relieve your pain.

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