Now, follow us as we put together a nutritional program to treat our dog's cancer, a program you can also implement for your own cancer!

IF YOU HAVE CANCER see my Cancer pages for a vitally important Alert!

Putting It All Together for
My Nutritional Program for Canine Cancer

Add rice to bean/seaweed mixture and mix them all together.  Add Fava beans to bean/seaweed/rice mixture and mix them all together well.  Using zip-lock freezer bags, portion out complete mixture and freeze for later serving.  Leave 2-4 servings in the fridge.

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Our dogs, being smallish, get two breakfasts and two dinners.  So Lucy is receiving four servings of this a day, and Sasha is getting a spoonful+ so as not to feel left out.  At one breakfast and one dinner I am including a protein supplement. 

Protein Supplement

Heat eight ounces of filtered or distilled water to a warm but not hot temperature.  Remember, if this is too hot, you will have to pop it into the freezer for a few minutes to cool.  Save yourself from forgetting it is there and trying to serve a rock hard lump of soy protein – don’t overheat the water.

(I use a 16 ounce heat resistant glass measuring cup for this, as I expect the soy protein to swell to more than eight ounces.)

Add one teaspoon of instant vegetable broth and stir to dissolve.

Add one tablespoon of Hemp protein powder and stir to dissolve.

Add 1/2 cup of soy protein product and stir.  Set aside for a few minutes to fully absorb the broth.

Combine with bean/seaweed/rice mixture once for breakfast and once for dinner.

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