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Why I Love SiteSell!

Would you like to earn more money than you are making now? What a stupid question! Who doesn't?

But your options, these days, are slim and none and slim just left, right? You could rely on our largely crippled social security system. Yeah, right. You could rely on your investment nest egg. What nest egg? You haven’t made enough over your living expenses to even have an account somewhere, much less stash away any funds in it. Does it take you ten years or more to raise enough cash for a vacation more than a day’s drive from home, maybe something involving an airplane? Can’t find a second job because of that 12% unemployment? Can’t find a second job because of a lack of free time or transportation, maybe due to service cutbacks?

Have a computer but can’t do much more than email and blog and Twitter and Facebook and play games and maybe make the occasional purchase online? Barely understand was a browser is or how to enlarge or diminish text? Or maybe you have this knowhow but you still don’t have time to master HTML and CSS or web design or any of that mysterious coding stuff.

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Well, I started out at square one once myself, back in the late 90s. I created a website back then, hosted by Geocities, when it was still free. It had the typical beginner’s appearance – colored text on a black background, everything centered, lots of flashing things, slow loading due to overlarge and uncompressed images, code that didn’t work, you know what I mean. You see them everywhere, even today.

But I eventually got wise when I didn’t get much traffic and no donations. I went to C-net and did a brief amount of research and found that West Host was highly recommended, so proceeded to throw away a few years on hosting fees without a dime to show for it. I did learn HTML during that time, at least, and CSS, but was no closer to that elusive nest egg than when I started.

But I didn't give up. I kept looking. I don’t remember how I found it, but one day I surfed to (Rss Page). And fell in love again.

Unfortunately, at that time, SiteSell (Quick Tour) had only one payment method – an annual $300 fee. While this was only a smidgen more than I was still paying to West Host, I could in no way build up a deposit like that, nor justify that expense to my husband. I went back to my struggle and bided my time.

In 2010 it came down to "Desperation, thy name is Grace." Two years earlier, my husband’s pizza delivery job was pulled out from under him when his employer closed the restaurant he drove for. He showed up one Monday morning to find his boss handing out last checks. It took seven months for him to land another position, this time as a courier. In the interim, our second actor governor, Schwarzenegger, had managed to impose three furlough days a month on his state employees and I consequently lost 15% of my paychecks. It became an increasing robbing-peter-to-pay-paul lifestyle.

From mid 2008 through mid 2010 we both did mystery shopping, once completing more than $1000 worth of shops in one month. Of course, we got to write off an almost equal amount in mileage, per diems, and supply costs. The wear and tear on my energy and health was just appalling, and his wasn't much better. But it was income and nothing to be sneezed at.

A misunderstanding ended that in early 2010 and we were once again hung out to dry. One day I went back to SiteSell (Free Trial), praying they had some new freebie that would help me. Well, there weren’t any new freebies. But there was a significant change in policy.

They now offered a monthly payment plan.

OMG! I stewed over this for less than 48 hours and then threw caution to the winds and whipped out my debit card. In minutes, I was the proud owner of a website hosted by SiteSell (CTPM Process).

Well, almost. I was a member, yes. But I had yet to choose and register a domain name. First I had to go back to school.

The first step on the road to a successful website is Sitesell's one-of-a-kind Action Guide. Through a combination of written lesson plans and video presentations, SS walks you one step at a time through all the tools they have to offer to help you succeed, starting with an understanding of keywords and Brainstormer, their proprietary keyword search engine.

The lessons are broken down into ten "days" of focused activity. It could take someone ten days or ten months to work their way through the AG. I once communicated with a fellow member who was six or seven months into her membership and had yet to decide upon a domain name.

I was impatient. I took about two weeks to make my choice.

That was a year ago. Am I successful yet? Not really, but I’m getting there. Do I regret my decision? The only thing I regret is that I did not check SiteSell (Order Page) daily, watching for that hoped for change of policy, and missed out on joining them months earlier.

SiteSell (Video Tour) does nearly everything you need, for you, behind the scenes. They have some 70 modules of action, most of which you never see, maximizing your efforts. And not only do they have the all-encompassing Action Guide to guide you, but they also have e-books, tips and techniques, their own affiliate program, and their forums.

SiteSell (Build an E-Business) does all the HTML and CSS for you, too, so you can just concentrate on writing content and managing your monetization plan(s).

SiteSell's forums are enormous. And lively! I'm told they have just past the one millionth post mark (before July 15, 2011).

But this is just too general, you say? Can't I be more specific?

On June 29, 2011, California became the seventh state to pass an Amazon Nexus tax bill. Yeah, you have no idea what I’m talking about. These bills seek to circumvent a Supreme Court ruling and collect sales taxes for websites that earn income through affiliate marketing. Basically the law states that affiliates serve as a nexus or in-state presence to out-of-state vendors; thus vendors must collect sales taxes on all customers received from a California affiliate.

This is how it works. Say someone in Montana visits my site. They like a product I’ve mentioned and click on my affiliate link to be taken to the vendor’s website. There, they make a purchase. As an affiliate for that vendor, I then receive a percentage of that sale. Now say that vendor is actually, physically, located out of state, let’s say Texas. Because the purchase is not taking place in Montana, nor Texas, the Texas vendor is not required to collect sales tax for either state. However, here comes that little nexus tax bill. Now my status has changed and my association with that vendor means I represent a physical presence for his business, in my state. Now that vendor is required to collect sales taxes for the state of California, because that Montana customer reached the Texas vendor by way of my affiliate link.

Does that sound fishy to you? You aren’t alone. Rather than suffer this outrageous and counter-productive sneak attack, Amazon dot com and many other out of state vendors have chosen to terminate all affiliates affected by these laws, hence their slang name of “Amazon” nexus tax laws.

Am I taking too long to get to the point? Ok, ok, I’ll try to speed things up. This law went into effect on a Wednesday. I wasn’t up on my email and didn’t discover this until Saturday, three days later. Later that same day, frantic to understand what was happening, I hit the SiteSell (Case Studies) forums. By the time Tuesday arrived, I was back in business.

In other words, before I knew I had a problem, the SiteSell (Compare) forums had a solution. Four of them, in fact. Two are working for me, two are duds. But the point is, SiteSell (Proof of Success) saved me. Again. Before I even asked for help.

I never get tired of SiteSell (I Love Solo Build It!). The amount of assistance and advice and tools I have access to is just SO over the top, I can barely keep up. I’ve used Geocities and West Host and GoDaddy and Hostway. None of them can hold a candle to SiteSell (Results). The forums alone are worth more than the $29.99 monthly payment. Add in all the others? OMG!

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